U-Tint Custom Stain Making Kit

Our U-Tint stain making kit is a must have for anyone who finds themselves staining wood, and want's to achieve a specific color.  Stop settling for off the shelf stock stain colors. We don't want you to waste money buying multiple cans of stock stain in an attempt to mix your magic formula you'll most likely be dissatisfied with.  Our U-Tint custom stain making kit offers you an entirely new approach. Imagine the possibilities !!

Custom Stain Making Kit - Wood Tone

Our Semi Transparent Water Based Stain Kit Includes:

  • 2 Pints of our Clear tintable water based stain
  • 1 Pint of our clear tintable Semi Gel water based stain
  • 8 - 2oz bottles of concentrated semi transparent U-Tints
  • 64 Ounces of product to create custom stains, glazes, color washes, toners, and more!

Endless Possibilities !!

This Is No Ordinary Wood Wiping Stain !

Our Water Based tintable wiping stains are designed specifically to be tinted with our U-Tints, and its no ordinary wood stain. Its made from actual wood (cellulose fiber) and has built in wood conditioners so you can feel confident the stain will go on smooth and evenly and the extenders will slow the drying process and give you more working time. It's the best water based wiping stain we've ever used !!

Starting At Only $32.99 !!

Once You try our Stain making kit, you'll never want to buy pre mixed stain again !!  It's incredibly rewarding and easy, and the color combinations and ability to control the strength of the colorant in your stain is just the beginning.  It gets even better !!

Custom Wood Color Matching

Did You Know U-Tints Can Also be Added With Most Finishes To Create Custom Toners?

Can You Imagine?  So many stain, color wash and glaze combinations can be made from just one 64 oz U Tint custom stain kit, plus our U-Tints can be added to all Water based finishes, plus shellac and catalyzed solvent based finishes and lacquers to create custom toned finishes !!  Welcome to the new era where custom color matching is now not only possible, but easy, fun and incredibly affordable for the DIY'er.

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