The Ultimate Furniture Touch Up Kit

Our Ultimate Furniture Touch Up Kit is a must have for anyone with wood finishes in their lives, and who doesn't?  Our innovative easy to use kit will allow you to touch up blemishes on kitchen cabinets, stained furniture, painted furniture, interior woodwork and trim, and more !!

  • Non Toxic
  • Water Clean Up
  • Permanent Durable Finish
  • Designed For The DIY
  • Specifically Designed For Grain Painting
  • Also Use On Leather, Ceramics, Floors, Kitchens and more

Designed for both DIY and pro's, The Ultimate Furniture Touch Up Kit was created specifically for furniture and wood with 12 intermixable colors, allowing the user to custom match almost any wood finish or paint.

Unlike acrylic paints, our touch up finishes are a special blend of opaque furniture colorants and transparent dyes dispersed in a thinning binder and satin urethane finish. The results are richer colors that are true furniture wood tone colorants that apply in a thin liquid consistency and dry to a hard satin finish that doesn't require any further topcoat.

Its So Easy.....using a paper plate, add a drop of the colors you want to use and intermix to create the colors you want. The possibilities and colors are endless !!

While wet, you can wipe the touch up finish off with a damp cloth as many times as needed until your happy with the color !

Once Dry, you'll have a permanent durable satin finish that doesn't need a topcoat.

Compatible over all finishes !!